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Talking about the artist Sami Mohammed is talking about the pulnerized “human being “

Chained with anxieties and pains. His world stricken us, makes us realize our tormented humanity, everywhere and at all times. “the human being” is Sami’s subject, and his hope. He materialized human pains and agonies, and dreams of a day in witch justice and freedom prevail.

Whenever we look at Sami Mohammed’s sculptures we feel the pain and suppression because we sympathize with his characters and unit with them.

He has an extraordinary skill to impress and materialize his enlightened craftsmanship.

In his works, Sami Mohammed has gone beyond the familiar standards. In his achievements he isn’t confined to his own surroundings. He also dealt with multi human subjects, illustrating the vanquished human tragedies everywhere, which grant him an appreciation and prestige through which, he exceeds the territorial boundaries to international arenas, as a messenger of Kuwaiti art.

Whenever I have a meeting with a formative artist, and when talking about Sami Mohammed’s artistic achievements, I feel proud, because there is such an artist in my country, who gives such an appalling models. Yes, it is indeed an appalling to contemplate on one of his sculptures. It is devoid of courtesy, facts forgoing and decorating by which he may ignore human torments. Nevertheless, he still pleases us with his art which a mixture of fear and pain, along with the artistic appreciation for the aesthetic values embodies by the artist.

His own efforts and constant searching for impressive and effective artistic values , Sami Mohammed was able to engrave his name deeply along with the names of the best formative artists of the Arab nation.

 " Dr.Khalid A.Ramadan "

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